Rugby TV and Podcast: Hook, McCarthy; Northern vs Southern Hemisphere, Springboks Quotas, CVC Premiership Cash

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NEW YORK, NY – Once again our platforms are graced with inimitable lightening rod that is the always-opinionated George Hook. He and our host Matt McCarthy – finally returned from Dublin – weigh in on the following and more in this Week 74 installment of our Fantasy Sports Network Studio show:

Northern vs Southern Hemisphere: Is the North better than the South for the 1st time ever?!
Outside Monies to Premiership: Will the CVC cash infusion be Good or Bad?
-The Surging Welsh
Springboks Racial Quotas ahead of Rugby World Cup 2019
-Australia’s downward spiral
Owen Farrell: Is he really a thug and if so, why?



The New England Free Jacks and Rugby United NY brought one of the world’s most heated rivalries to rugby in the form of Major League Rugby; Boston versus NY. And despite the pundits picking RUNY in a big way – like our host Matt McCarthy – this was One For the Ages. Next Level Rugby’s Ryan Ginty, who produced the live feed, joins McCarthy (who was part of the broadcast team) now that the smoke has cleared, in a recap and analysis of what transpired, replete with game highlights, clips from the journey, player performances and behind-the-scenes footage. And for those 7s fans out there, we have that covered too, as we were all riveted to the Dubai 7s and touch upon the Cape Town 7s as well. Watch or listen to this Week 74 segment:


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