Rugby TV and Podcast: MLR Minute: RUNY Irishman Speaks Brooklynese, Fights Naked Cowboy

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NEW YORK, NY –  For those of you that prefer the podcast version of our Fantasy Sports Network show, this Week 79 installment is definitely more of a visual than a listen. In this Major League Rugby Minute (TM), Rugby United NY Irishman Marcus Walsh answers in The 3rd Person (TM) – with a Brooklyn accent – then dukes it out with The Naked Cowboy in Time Square. That, and a visit to America’s version of Twickenham Stoop (in NYC), ends up in song… and a Steve Lewis lament. Cameos by RUNY stars James Rochford, Callum Mackintosh, Derek Lipscombe and Will Leonard are not to be missed!


AND DON’T MISS the other two segments from this week:

GLENDALE RAPTORS: With the departure of flanker John Quill to Rugby United NY, one could make the case that the Raptors might have a hole to big to fill in their quest for a 2nd consecutive Major League Rugby Final. That argument has been rendered specious at best, however, with the acquisition of 2018 All-MLR First Team loosie, Hanco Germishuys… In this segment, the budding USA Rugby star joins our Matt McCarthy re:
-Bittersweet move from Austin Elite to Glendale
-Time spent with the PRO Rugby USA champion Denver Stampede
-Coach Dave Williams and the Raptors organization
-The tragedy of mixing up “Protege” and “Prodigy.”
-Moving from South Africa to Nebraska
Peyton Manning comparisons
Omaha Goats & Westside High
Gloucester Academy with Sam Underhill

And yes, that’s Ben Foden kicking the segment off…


NOLA GOLD: Transplanted Aussie Scott Gale joins McCarthy from The Big Easy about:
-Gale’s time in Super Rugby with Queensland Reds
Brisbane vs New Orleans
-The NFL’s Saints being robbed
-Playing in Japan
-His pick as Teammate To Watch (TM) [roomie Con Foley, Ahem]
-Coach “Nola Nate” Osborne’s Predictions
-MLR vs other professional experiences


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ugby_Wrap_Up, Naked_Cowboy, Fight, Rugby Stoop, Rugby_United_NY, Matt_McCarthy, Steve_Lewis

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