Rugby TV and Podcast Global Preview plus Major League Rugby Year II Pros, Cons, Picks w/ Matt McCarthy, Steve Lewis

Global Preview & Major League Rugby II; Pros & Cons w/ Matt McCarthy, Steve Lewis | RUGBY WRAP UP
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NEW YORK, NY –  In our 2nd segment of Week 77’s edition of our Fantasy Sports Network Studio show, Steve @LizardRugby Lewis and Matt McCarthy start the new calendar year with a brief 2019 Global Preview before delving into the upcoming Major League Rugby season. Comparing the first-ever “Year II” of professional rugby [union] in the USA to last year’s first #MLR season, they look under the hood, coming up with the Pros and Cons… before picking their respective favorites.


…our other Week #77 of installment, we go all #MLRJohn Quill and Derek Lipscomb of  Rugby United NY join Steve Lewis and Matt McCarthy in a lively exchange of fact and fun-finding, including:

-Staten Island Rugby Bakers
Twick Tricks
-RUNY’s Concrete Roosters
-Salaried and Part-Time Player Challenges
-Most Memorable Moments
-Personal Expectations
-Going from one MLR team to another
-Resident Philosopher Kings
Harlem Haute Couture
Captaining a rugby team of Lawyers/Mathematicians
Moonlighting in a Morgue
-Are you a TUBA?


The USA Rugby Eagles 7s are at the top of the men’s HSBC World Sevens World Series table. They’ve gotten to this here-to-date unfathomable perch via brawn, brains, flash and flair. It’s been their remarkably consistent willingness to the do the dirty work and lunch-pail work ethic, however, that has facilitated this stunning reality. And Steve Tomasin epitomizes that work ethic as well as any of Mike Friday & Co.’s circuit-leading Eagles. With that, Tomasin took time out of a very full schedule to speak with our Matt McCarthy in this Week #76 installment of our Fantasy Sports Network Studio show re:
-His Olympic Dream
-Lure of Major League Rugby $$$
Fast-Twitch skills honed in Baseball & Football
-His vote for Best Play Made By An Eagle
Locker Room Personalities
-Ability to Sing and Dance… with a sample.
-The Dallas Cowboys & NY Yankees
-Answering in “3rd Person


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Global Preview & Major League Rugby II; Pros & Cons w/ Matt McCarthy, Steve Lewis | RUGBY WRAP UP

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