Rugby TV and Podcast: Can Am Rugby: Analysis, Game Footage, Ryan Koenig of Champion Hyenas

Can Am Rugby 2019, Rugby_Wrap_Up, Matt_McCarthy, Bill_Bishop, Greg_Gilliam
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SARANAC LAKE, NY – In a setting second only to Aspen (arguably), the Can Am Rugby Tournament turned 46 – and it did not disappoint. In Week 103 of our Fantasy Sports Network show, Steve Lewis and Matt McCarthy look back at the storied tourney, check out highlights from the championship matches and chat with East Side Hyenas veteran, Ryan Koenig. There are cameos aplenty in this one but more to come in our Characters of Can Am Rugby, coming to theaters near you soon (or to YoutTube, at least). Anyway, among THE MANY featured in this installment:
Saranac Lake Mountaineers
Old Breed
Miss Fits
O.A.S. (Older And Smarter)
Connecticut Grey
High Risk Gamblers
Brockport Doggies
Albany Knickerbockers
Mystical Geese
Marc Okicich
Jay Rizzo
Ryan Ginty (Next Level Rugby & Old Breed)
Bill Bishop
Dave Martin


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Can Am Rugby 2019, Rugby_Wrap_Up, Matt_McCarthy, Bill_Bishop, Greg_Gilliam

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