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LANSING, MI – It wasn’t easy but we’ve parted the Red Sea, made wine from water and… produced our first Rugby Wrap Up College Rugby Recap. No small task, that, but we’ve also managed a preview and Rugby Wrap Up Game of the Week. Miracles aplenty. And all it will cost you is three minutes. Thanks to our new College Rugby Producer Josh Ressio of Michigan State for helping getting it off the ground, while he’s not creating things like The Battle For The Mitten and studying.


And be sure to check out our other segment this week with the aforementioned Steve Lewis, Bryan Ray(Americas Rugby News) andMatt McCarthy. After smashing each other one last time in a nail-biter in Vancouver, USA Rugby’s Men’s Eagles and Rugby Canada’s Maple Leafs are heading to Japan. Steve, Bryan and Matt look at the teams head-to-head, the rosters and expectations of fans and administrators in this Week 107 installment of our Rugby Wrap Up studio show.


And whatever you do, don’t miss our other segment this week with always-entertaining Irishman George Hook joining the aforementioned trio re the controversies surrounding Residency/Internationals, Players to Watch in the Rugby World Cup and that tournament’s Best Flyhalf.


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