Tampa Hosts USARL All-Star Game Saturday at Tournament Sportsplex

All-Star Game Saturday
Tampa Hosts 2019 USA Rugby League's All-Star Game
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Who: Tampa Mayhem Rugby League Club

What: 2019 USA Rugby League All-Star Game

When: Saturday, 07 September 2019 at 5 pm

Where: Tournament Sportsplex of Tampa Bay, 9330 E Columbus Dr, Tampa, FL 33619

Why: Play the USARL All-Star Game, North v. South

How: Buy a $10 ticket, and then come to the stadium to watch the USARL All-Star Game

TAMPA, FL — On Saturday, 07 September, the USA Rugby League’s Tampa Mayhem will help host the 2019 USA Rugby League North v. South All-Star Game. As for this week, the focus phrase for article: All-Star Game Saturday.

This year, the USA Rugby League All-Star Game will kick off at 5 p.m. Regarding the location, this tournament will take place on the grounds of the Tournament Sportsplex of Tampa Bay</a>, at 9330 E Columbus Dr, Tampa, Florida 33619.

As is every year, the teams consist of all stars from within each conference.

Like in years before, the North All Star team comprises of players from the six northern teams. Also, the South All Star’s roster once again includes players from the Atlanta Rhinos, the Jacksonville Axemen, the Lakeland Renegades, the Southwest Florida Copperheads, and the Tampa Mayhem.

In 2019, the game tickets cost just $10. Also, concessions are available for the fans at the stadium. And, parking is free. For more information on the 2019 USA Rugby League All-Star Game, and to buy game tickets, please visit the 2019 USA Rugby League All Star Game Facebook event page.

Finally, wrapping up with this week’s focus phrase: All-Star Game Saturday.

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To learn more about the Lakeland Renegades, the USARL SC’s newest club, please visit the team’s Facebook page.

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