MAJOR LEAGUE RUGBY CANCELS REMAINDER OF 2020 SEASON. Attention on 2021. What’s Next For Us?

Major League Rugby, Rugby_Wrap_Up, Cancelled
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Major League Rugby Statement:

Major League Rugby, Rugby_Wrap_Up, Cancelled

DALLAS  [March 19, 2020] – Major League Rugby (MLR) announced that all remaining 2020 matches are cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 global crisis and the health and safety guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“On behalf of MLR and all of our teams, I am saddened to announce that the remainder of the 2020 season is cancelled. We believe it is ultimately the correct decision as we factored in health and safety risks for all parties,” said MLR Commissioner George Killebrew, “I want to ensure our fans that there is no doubt MLR will be back in 2021 and will emerge bigger and better than ever before. We will be using this time as an opportunity to grow all aspects of MLR and we’re excited to continue this journey into 2021, and for many years to come.”

MLR will return for the 2021 season. Aside from MLR 2020: Virtual that premiers this Friday, fans can continue to expect exciting initiatives in the coming months.

And just like that, it’s gone. Wow. It’s a lot to process, particularly for those of us covering rugby for a living. It was nearly impossible while all leagues and set-ups were full-on but now… Ugh. But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? Right. We’ll plod on and get back to bringing you something to watch and listen to, just taking a couple/three days to regroup, put the mouth-guard back in and hit the next ruck.

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