Getting Piggy With It. Rugby United NY Brings Back Will Leonard

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NEW YORK, NY – When you play on a team, you quickly learn who brings what to the table. There are players that can lighten the mood. There are those that can finesse or charm. There are those that speak little  – but make it count when they do. There are extroverts and introverts and those that you want next to you in a bar fight. That’s where Will Leonard, whom this writer has had the pleasure of being around, slots *in. The Limerickian (a Shannonsider to some) is another tough Irishman being retained by Rugby United NY. (Yes, James Rochford, we owe you some airtime).

“Tough as teak,” as the RUNY release states. NOTE: Teak is allegedly the hardest wood on Earth. Allegedly.

While Limerick is known as The Treaty County, as per 1691’s Treaty of Limerick, Leonard will never be known as a peace-broker on the pitch. He’s out to claim territory in a workmanlike, gritty fashion. Opposing centers know they will be tested, mano y mano. Eating up meters on the paddock goes hand-in-hand with his legendary eating feats away from it. Indeed, his nickname is “The Pig.” The man can consume suspiciously copious amounts of food, yet it’s suspicious because he in stellar shape.

Kidding aside, here’s what Head Coach Greg McWilliams had to say about his center coming back:

“Will is a critical part of our squad make-up. Very, very strong in the midfield. He’s like our glue. Very good defensively… plays well in the gainline. But you know what? He’s got a good passing game and in a short space of time last year we saw him work on that and get rewards. We also saw him begin to understand his kicking game. So he’s got loads of talent and we’re just excited to see him line up for New York next year. I always say, Will is the kind of guy you prefer to have on your team than going against you.”

You’ll get no argument here, Coach. Will “The Pig” Leonard – #BuiltForNewYork

*Apologies to Martin Pengelly for ending sentence #6 sentence with a preposition.

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*Apologies to Martin Pengelly for ending that sentence with a preposition.

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