Rugby TV & Pod: Did World Rugby & RFU Jeopardize Players With Unethical Concussion Study? Doctors Who Say Yes.

Did World Rugby & RFU Jeopardize Players With Unethical Concussion Study Doctors Who Say Yes.
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NEW YORK, NY – This could be our most important show to date and will likely ruffle some feathers and cause unpleasantness in the halls of World Rugby and the RFU. Basically, a team of doctors, including guests Dr. Adam White and Dr. Alan Pearce, are calling out the researchers for World Rugby & RFU for changing the Tackle Height Law to facilitate a concussion study… without the players’ consent or opt-out option. Their contention is that players in the RFU Championship – the 2nd tier of professional competition in England – were used as lab rats and put at risk to accommodate ethically flawed research. You’ll want to see/hear all that’s in this.



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