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HOLLYWOOD, CA – Purely from an upset perspective, This was Rocky Balboa beating Apollo Creed. That was a movie, though. The depleted NOLA Gold beating the star-studded L.A. Giltinis was no motion picture. Yet, in the shadows of the Hollywood sign, this ragtag team of unknowns went into the Coliseum and slayed the home team. Think Davy vs Goliath. The USA over Russia in the 1980 Olympic Games. It’s too farfetched a scenario, even for a suspension-of-reality movie. And if that win wasn’t enough, the Major League Rugby weekend was jam-packed with subplots… Just ask New England Free Jacks fans, whose team – dressed in red, white and blue – repelled the enemy just outside Boston on Independence Day. And then there was a team named Old Glory beaten by a team from Canada – on a spectacular play by rejuvenated scrumhalf…. But enough reading. See it or hear all for yourself as Bryan Ray and Matt McCarthy make sense of what happened and what’s to come, with the help of MLR Coach of the Year favorite, Nate Osborne of New Orleans.



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