Rugby Town 7s: Must-See, Top Tourney Returns

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RUGBY TOWN, USA – There are times in life that we must do without; we must give up partaking in something we enjoy, for various reasons. And then, when we get to do it again, we realize just how much it was missed. That is the case for this rugby fan and the always-great Rugby Town 7s. It is back, baby. Better than ever, COVID be damned. And that is just great.

Serious Jester

If you’ve never been to Infinity Park, you need to put it on your bucket list. This is Rugby Heaven, located just a drop-kick away from downtown Denver. Its gem of a rugby stadium that has all the bells and whistles, along with top-notch production teams for the broadcast and in-stadium presentations. It’s the tiny town with the huge rugby footprint and this weekend there will be footprints made by some of the most talented 7s players and colorful characters (see right) on the planet – all playing for a $10,000.00 prize. Even better, it’s all on grass. The real stuff. The kind you want to make grass angels in – thanks to rugby-playing, fun-luvin’ Mayor Mike and his stellar staff.

If you can get here, do so. If you can’t, download the first-rate app and/or go to the website to find out how to watch (CLICK). You won’t be disappointed.

Hello again, Glendale, this pundit missed you.


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