Rugby TV/Pod. College Rugby Wrap Up: Playoff Push, USA Selects, Future of College Landscape

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NEW YORK, NY – Get out your hackey sack and Animal House posters we’re going back to school! Check out the launch of our new show covering men’s and women’s college rugby in the US. With so much exciting young talent coming up through the college ranks and so much happening at the organizational stage you will not want to miss a SECOND of this week’s College Rugby Wrap Up.



Link for Week 9 Silverbacks Elite Rugby College Picks:

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Our spirited and fast-paced segment in which USA Rugby Eagle #168, Tony Ridnell, and Rugby United New York honcho Ric Salizzo (a Kiwi) join Matt McCarthy and offer very different views. Also included is how Major League Rugby fits – or doesn’t fit – into the American rugby landscape.



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Ever thought about about a minor league, but for Rugby? Kevin Flynn has and he is putting his countless years of rugby experience in the USA and abroad to work to make it happen. He and a group of like-minded, talented and passionate individuals are working to make the XV Series a place where men and women in this country can get more minutes on the pitch, more experience at a higher level of competition, between the club and professional level. Hear how the XV Series could help the US defeat the All Blacks in the next 5-10 years!



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