Rugby TV/Pod: The Rugby Odds: “Best, Funniest, Wittiest Rugby Show On The Planet.” Spreads, Picks & Banter too!

The Rugby Odds... The best show ever.
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NEW YORK, NY – This season 5 of Major League Rugby is one wild ride! Trying to figure out who’ll win and by how much is next to impossible… or is it?! Our Fractured Foursome of #WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL), rugby’s Gift to Mankind, Gift Egbelu, former NOLA Head Coach Nate Osborne and Matt McCarthy slap-fight, name-call and constantly shift allegiances as they do just that – pick the winners… and losers. Picking vs TRO’s Exclusive Spreads, with JBL in Pennsyltucky, Nate in his native Australia, Gift hiding in a Panama City airport and Matt in NYC, this week’s show was just called the “Best, Funniest, Wittiest Rugby Show On The Planet.”

-Repeat Wooden Spoon winner JBL’s expletive-laden tirades.
George Washington and Sam Houston forcing Utah to go for the win!
-Nate’s [NOLA] Gold-colored glasses
-Gift’s new Jazz Radio Persona and #MentalReconstruction
-Matt’s new suit and onslaught of accusations.
Knives in backs



Also please remember to check out our MLR Show with Dan Power and Bryan Ray and this week’s special guest, San Diego’s Ryan Matyas. ! PLUS… a Mystery Guest.



The College Crew at College Rugby Wrap Up is still on Spring Break but will return in time for the 15s and 7s Spring Championships!

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