The Rugby Odds: Major League Rugby & Six Nations Picks, Spreads, Ball-Breaking & Threats of Violence

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NEW YORK, NY – It’s that time of year when the competition is heated, livelihoods are on the line and the physicality is ratcheted up a notch… and that’s just our panel beating on each other! #WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL), Rugby’s Gift to Mankind, Gift Egbelu, former NOLA Gold Head Coach Nate Osborne and Matt McCarthy duke it out handbags-at-dawn style, yet somehow manage to entertain while providing actual insight and Picks vs Spreads! Further, the Faffing Foursome is scattered to the four corners of the globe this week, with JBL in Pennsyltucky, No-Longer-Frozen Nate Osborne in his native Australia, Gift in Brazil and Matt in NYC.

-RWU’s Spread-Picking Staff was too good, resulting in 3 ties out of 6 MLR matches
Wooden Spoon winner JBL was reluctant to give up his exact location; hiding after going 0-3-3
-The panel picks the Six Nationswill France win it all?!
Winless Wonder JBL threatened much [virtual/alleged] violence
Gift gives us another spate of hastags/made up phrases – like #PettyPower
Nate brags about Vegemite on toast, yet picks the gal that dumped him – NOLA
Matt clearly can be bought, as he picks Old Glory
-Requisite banter/ball-breaking



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PLUS… a bonus interview with San Diego Legion Head Coach, Danny Lee!


The College Crew at College Rugby Wrap Up has taken a brief hiatus this week but will return in time for the 15s and 7s Spring Championships!

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