The Rugby Odds: Major League Rugby Picks, Laughs, Cat-Fights & Acclaimed Rugby Author, Jamie Wall

"The Rugby Odds is he best f***ing sports show every!" -WWE Legend
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NOTE: All took Houston vs Dallas. SaberCats -10. That piece dropped out in the edit/render for some reason.

NEW YORK, NY – If you love rugby, random attacks and raking in the dough then The Rugby Odds is the show for you! Watch/Listen as #WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield slowly rounds into mid-season picking form. A sign? He finally got out of the Wooden Spoon Basement! Meanwhile, God’s Gift to Rugby and Mankind, Gift Egbelu, continues to turn in solid performances and Rugby Wrap Up’s Matt McCarthy slipped up a bit, earning that coveted Wooden Spoon!

Now that “No-Longer NOLA Nate” Osborne has rejoined the MLR ranks and become Interim Head Coach of Old Glory DC, he has been replaced by five-time rugby book author and man once banned from twitter, Jamie Wall.

NOTE: Mr Wall may have been worrying that his career had reached a new low appearing on TRO – and he’s likely right.

Jamie starts things off by desecrating  the entire D.C. area & Old Glory itself!
-Everyone in the world hates Matt, according to JBL’s “global poll.”
Will the show survive Osborne’s departure?!
-Gift pops his cork over NOLA.
-JBL maliciously pulls back the curtain on The Rugby Odds’ finances.



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The College Rugby Wrap Up crew is  back this week talking huge match-ups at the end of the CRAA 15s season and explains the pathways for teams to qualify for both season-ending 7s tournaments.



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FINALLY, The College Rugby Wrap Up crew is [allegedly] back this week to preview the D1A, D1 Elite and D1 Women’s CRAA playoff brackets!

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