The Rugby Odds: Major League Rugby’s BEST SHOW. PLUS… Live Rugby Betting/IQ Tests in America!

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NEW YORK, NY – This week, you can be part of history. We’re attempting what nobody has before in the USA – having live betting during our special edition show on TRN tomorrow night before the Seawolves and SaberCats square off…. It’s in the beta stage, so save your stamps and letters if it goes awry… Regardless, we’ve got our best show ever for you, right here. Click. Learn. Laugh. Enrich yourself.

WWE Legend John “Bradshaw” Layfield, God’s gift to rugby and mankind, Gift Egbelu and your endearing emcee Matt McCarthy (he’s the boss, so I had to write that), break down this week’s match-ups, slap each other around and tell you how to pick the games.



HARRIMAN, UTAre we in Utah for this week’s spectacular show? NO! But the Warriors earned some love with their huge win vs Austin. That aside, we’ve got one of Major League Rugby’s Top 5 Stars, Joe Pietersen, as you’ve never seen him before. Bryan Ray, Dan Power & Matt McCarthy pepper him with questions and the offer Opinion, Analysis and Predictions.


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