MLR Weekly: Player of the Week, Chicago’s Chris Mattina, Recap, Ray’s Preview & Rugby Morning News

MLR Weekly, Rugby Wrap Up, Chris Mattina
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MLR Weekly, Season 7, Episdode 7

CHICAGO, IL – This week’s featured guest may have saved the season for the Chicago Hounds. But one thing’s for sure, Chris Mattina sealed the franchise’s first-ever win. The NYC native and well-traveled MLR vet talks about it all with host Matt McCarthy… Also included is the best Major League Rugby Recap, a superlative-laden Preview from Bryan Ray of Americas Rugby News and fast and witty Rugby Morning’s Coffee Break, with John Fitzpatrick tackling MLR news.



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AND BE SURE TO SEE… This week’s The Rugby Odds!

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – When you are an equal opportunity insult hurler, like WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield, the world becomes minuscule and, ironically, united! In this Season 3 Episode 8 The Rugby Odds installment, JBL insults the Scottish, Japanese and a whole bunch of Americans. YET SOMEHOW… teaming (in a back-stabbing kind of way) with King Gift Egbelu and America’s Sweetheart Matt McCarthy, this unlikeliest of trios continues to pick winners when it comes to rugby! Further, they’re doing it for union AND league! They also invent new words, reverse alliances with previous foes and need to have their mics turned off for bad form.

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Layfield Loves Rucky

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