MLR Weekly: Toronto Captain Lucas Rumball, Can Ryan Reynolds Save Arrows? Plus Rumors, Moves, Trades, NY7s

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VANCOUVER, BC – We’re way up here in the Pacific Northwest – on the Canadian side of the border – seeking out Ryan Reynolds. See, he lives here and could help the community-cursed Toronto Arrows, who stunningly packed up their quivers this week, devastating Canadian Rugby. Their demise is an Arrow through the heart of fans, but also leaves Major League Rugby without Canadian representation. Aside from making a public plea to Mr. Reynolds, however, this MLR Weekly segment features Toronto Captain Lucas Rumball, for whom you must be gutted, and instantly like.


Canadian Bryan Ray of Americas Rugby News and Rugby Morning’s John Fitzpatrick give their thoughts on the unfortunate events, and sort through News, Rumors and Moves.

Plus… Looking back at the NY 7s.



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NEW YORK, NY – The Fearsome Foursome of #WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield, Irish legend George Hook, King Gift Egbelu and Matt “Money” McCarthy are back with a bang [for your buck] in this Season 3/Episode 42 production of The Rugby Odds.

34-26 Record
Sexton To Olympic 7s
George Hook & Maureen O’Hara
Pollard Prem’s Best #10
Worst Road Teams
Irish Testosterone
Consolidating Welsh Teams
Walk of Shame
Wooden Spoon
Picks Of The Week

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