The Rugby Odds: Unscripted Diversity Talk, Prem Final, URC & Super Rugby 1/4s, Key MLR Games, Top Picks

The Rugby Odds... The New Fab Four... or Six.
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NEW YORK, NY – This week’s The Rugby Odds took a different route at the head of the show. One you’ll want to see, re diversity (or the lack thereof), with the byproduct of not utilizing a key, untapped resource. From there, Irish legend George Hook joins #WWE “God” (turned rugby advocate) John Bradshaw Layfield, (The Yogi Berra of Rugby) King Gift Egbelu‘s proxy Steve “The Lizard” Lewis, and host Matt “Money” McCarthy

Hook manages to sneak in thoughts re the paths of Scottish and English rugby vs that of Ireland and France.

ALSO INCLUDED (24 minutes):
$$ 66-42 $$
Which Finn Will Finish First?
Dupont as 7s Rookie of the Year
Ulster to Stun Leinster
Old Glory to Sweep Free Jacks?
Dallas Over Chicago?
Super Rugby Playoffs
Can Benetton Beat Bulls?
Munster Injuries
Eyes on Glasgow v Stormers
$$ Picks of the Week $$



And don’t miss MLR Weekly, with USA Rugby 7s Head Coach, Mike Friday.

MADRID, SPAINWhat does USA 7s have to do with a MLR Weeky show? Potentially plenty. With that, USA Men’s 7s Head Coach Mike Friday covers a wide range of topics including:

-7s players in Major League Rugby
-Synergy between USA Rugby
-Utilizing the MLR’s Anthem franchise
-The ability to go from 15s to 7s
-Expectations for the Olympics
-Poor Format on the 7s circuit
Life after rugby

John Fitzpatrick of Rugby Morning
Bryan Ray of Americas Rugby News
Picks of the Week from The Rugby Odds
TRN Play of the Week



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