The Rugby Odds: Glasgow Glows, Dandy Dupont, MLR, Super Blues, Exclusive Highlights, Opinion, Picks

The Rugby Odds: We swear by it.
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“I want my face on The Rugby Odds.”M. Zuckerberg

NEW YORK, NY – After calamitous chaos on the set, with panelists disappearing/reappearing, this week’s The Rugby Odds is especially entertaining. It’s also the start of a joke that’s writing itself: “A Nigerian in Brazil, a Texan in D.C., & an impatient Scotsman walk into a New Yorker’s rugby studio…” It’s fun, fast and informative, and features a world-class panel of #WWE “God” (turned rugby advocate) John Bradshaw Layfield, King Gift Egbelu, Glaswegian Proxy Steve Lewis & host Matt “Money” McCarthy, who carry the show whilst awaiting the return of Irish legend George Hook. What could be better?!

$$ 24-21 Record $$
Glasgow Gouges Bulls
Blues Scalp Chiefs
Jake White Whining
Old Glory Back to Playoffs
[Don’t] Take The Points!
Toulouse vs Bordeaux
Proxy Steve
Wooden Spoon
$$ Picks of the Week $$

AND DON’T MISS... MLR Weekly with world-renowned Coach Heyneke Myer of the league-best Houston SaberCats.

BIG THANKS to Zac Buhro and Zach Lanning for their work on this!



HOUSTON, TX – The mercury continues to rise, as do Major League Rugby teams nobody picked for the postseason. At the top of the table, however, stands one of the preseason favorites, the Houston SaberCats. Heyneke Myer, their Director of Rugby with the stellar CV/resume, is the main reason MLR Weekly rated them so high. In this exclusive with Matt McCarthy, Coach Meyer discusses all things, Houston, MLR, and offers comparisons to leagues overseas.

ALSO INCLUDED (23-minutes):
Best Recap in Rugby
John Fitzpatrick of Rugby Morning
Bryan Ray of Americas Rugby News
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TRN Play of the Week
Picks of the Week from The Rugby Odds



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