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USA Rugby Overhaul: The Real Skinny

December 19, 2019 Steve Lewis 0

NEW YORK, NY – As first reported in previous Rugby Wrap Up articles, the financial mismanagement and chronic organizational shortcomings of USA Rugby have finally […]

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USA Rugby $$$ Crisis Follow-Up: Legal Jeopardy? Alternative Future?

December 3, 2019 Steve Lewis 0

NEW YORK, NY – In response to last week’s exposure of gross financial mismanagement and potential malfeasance in USA Rugby’s leadership, the embattled organization released […]

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USA Rugby Financial Crisis: Deja Vu All Over Again

November 26, 2019 Steve Lewis 0

NEW YORK, NY – For the second time in 15 months, USA Rugby is careening towards financial ruin and the unedifying spectacle of once more going […]

RUGBY X: What To Make of It? Steve Lewis Reports From London

November 1, 2019 Steve Lewis 0

LONDON, ENGLAND – It was certainly a fun evening Tuesday last at the O2 Arena in London, where the latest variant of the oval ball […]

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Scotland The Brave? Steve Lewis on Scots Major League Rugby Bet, Old Glory DC

March 26, 2019 Steve Lewis 0

NEW YORK, NY  – Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose, as the French say. Another week passes and rugby is again at one […]

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Rugby: A Brave New World? One Small Step for New York, One Giant Leap for Rugby

March 14, 2019 Steve Lewis 0

One small step for New York, one giant leap for Rugby. NEW YORK, NY – Rugby history will be made this Friday at MCU Park […]