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Rugby TV and Podcast: Major League Rugby Controversy Investigated: What The [BLEEP] Is A Seawolf?

June 14, 2019 Matt McCarthy 0

  SEATTLE, WA – We are not afraid of a difficult task. Not when it comes to rugby. That’s why we sent our Kiwi/Irish globe-trotting […]

Rugby_Wrap_Up, Rugby TV and Podcasts: MLR, Naya Tapper, Oxford Coach Wade, 6N, ARC Panels, Fallen Hero, Premiership Trip Winner

Rugby TV & Podcasts Week 35: MLR NYC, Naya Tapper, Oxford’s James Wade, 6N, ARC Panels, Fallen Hero, Premiership Trip Winner

February 18, 2018 Matt McCarthy 0

NEW YORK, NY – We’ve finally cranked out the last segmentsf for Week 35 of our Fantasy Sports Network show. These last two segments (of […]


Rugby TV & Podcast: USA Rugby Shining Star Naya Tapper

February 14, 2018 Matt McCarthy 0

NEW YORK, NY – Rugby is rife with with players and coaches that are absolute terrors on the pitch, yet absolute gems off it. Rising […]

New York Rugby Club's NY7s: Interviews with WInners, Clips, Higlights, Recap

STUDIO SHOW: New York Rugby Club’s NY7s: Interviews with Winners, Clips, Highlights, Recap

December 4, 2017 Matt McCarthy 2

NEW YORK, NY – Show 25, Part II of our weekly Fantasy Sports Network show is all about the top-notch NY 7s Tournament… Since 1958, […]

Rugby_Wrap_Up Matt Symons, Chris Brown, Mike Tolkin, Phaidra Knight, Steve Lewis, Greg McWilliams

Studio Show: Wasps Star Matt Symons, Chris Brown, Phaidra Knight, Mike Tolkin, Greg McWilliams, Steve Lewis

June 17, 2017 Matt McCarthy 7

NEW YORK, NY – Here’s our second studio show, chock full of great guests broken down into 4 fast segments. Gracing our Fantasy Sports Network […]

On Camera w/ Star Turned CEO Bob Casey re London Irish v Saracens in USA and more

January 22, 2016 RWU 8

NEW YORK, NY – London Irish CEO Bob Casey sat down with our Johnathan Wicklow Barberie at The Legacy Agency offices in New York’s City’s […]