3 NFL Predictions For Rugby Fans

October 6, 2013 DJ Eberle 7

BOSTON, MA – I may have lost my touch… for the moment at least. After back-to-back weekends of 0-3 performances my overall record is now […]

Football Made Easy: 3 NFL Picks For Rugby Heads

November 18, 2012 DJ Eberle 3

PITTSBURGH, PA – Okay, Rugby Heads… I know it’s tough to talk anything but rugby with all the action going on yesterday. Personally, I thought […]

NFL Picks for Rugby Heads… Week 1O

November 11, 2012 DJ Eberle 6

HOUSTON, TX – After a depressing week of selections (I went 0-3), I’m primed for a huge comeback this week. The record stands at 13-15, […]