Rugby Punts Changing The NFL?

November 22, 2014 DJ Eberle 3

BUFFALO, NY – The sport of rugby is certainly making its impact on the NFL landscape this season.  First it was tackling, with Seattle Seahawks […]

NFL Picks For Rugby Heads

December 21, 2013 DJ Eberle 5

ALBANY, NY – After a disappointing weekend tallying a 1-2 record, my overall record has now dropped to 17-24. Time to get back on the […]

NFL Picks For Rugby Fans

November 16, 2013 DJ Eberle 2

BUFFALO, NY – I’m back to my winning ways! A weekend record of 2-1 pushes me to 8-19 overall – which is still really bad […]

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NFL Picks For Rugby Fans

November 2, 2013 DJ Eberle 8

I finally got back to my winning ways last weekend after pulling out a record of 2-1. My record has improved from an embarrassing 4-14, […]