Major League Rugby: Highlights, Panel Picks, Banter w/ Ryan Ginty, Matt McCarthy, RUGBY WRAP UP

Rugby TV and Podcast: Major League Rugby Highlights, Opinion, Panel Picks. Ryan Ginty Features

June 29, 2018 Matt McCarthy 0

NEW YORK, NY – And just like that, the first post-season for Major League Rugby – #MLR – is upon us. Time flies way too […]

Pro Rugby Stats: Analysis, Predictions, Player Interviews

June 23, 2016 Luke Bienstock 4

GREENWICH, CT – This weekend was full of surprises, well that is unless you saw my prediction last week. Let’s break it down by the […]

Pro Rugby Stats: Breaking Down Stampede v Breakers, Plus Week 9 Predictions

June 8, 2016 Luke Bienstock 3

GREENWICH, CT – With a bye for 3 of the 5 PRO Rugby teams this weekend, all eyes were on the heavyweight clash between newly-named Denver […]

Pro Rugby San Diego Swipes Stuns Ohio, Hubert Buydens On Camera with Ronan Nelson

May 15, 2016 Jake Frechette 3

NOTE: The Hubert Buydens/Ronan Nelson interview is at the bottom of the recap. PHILADELPHIA, PA – San Diego saved the sharp dagger for the dying moments […]

Pro Rugby Stats: Did Kickers Play Well? Attacking Effectiveness Rating

May 5, 2016 Jake Frechette 11

PHILADELPHIA, PA – For the recent PRO Rugby match between Denver and San Diego, Will Magie’s Attacking Effectiveness Rating (AR) was 4.81 while Kurt Morath’s was […]

Perfect Pro Rugby Denver Poise and Power Too Much for San Diego Flair

May 1, 2016 Jake Frechette 0

PHILADELPHIA, PA – In the end, we got the final minutes of Pro Rugby drama and suspense we were hoping for.  However, San Diego looked frazzled […]