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Close Enough is Not Enough

October 7, 2015 Jake Frechette 0

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The rate of tries at the Rugby World Cup 2015 scored from possessions starting with lineouts is cooling while the rate for try-from-turnover […]

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The Reign of King Lineout

September 29, 2015 Jake Frechette 1

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Not all possession is equal.  Close to 60% of the tries scored so far at the 2015 Rugby World Cup have started with […]

PNC Stats Story: Power of Phase One

August 5, 2015 Jake Frechette 2

PHILADELPHIA, PA – It was a lot of rugby in not a lot of time, and the 2015 Pacific Nations Cup is now all wrapped up. […]

PNC Stats and Details from Round 1

July 22, 2015 Jake Frechette 0

PHILADELPHIA, PA – It has taken some time, what with summer travel and all, but here are the numbers for Round 1 of the Pacific Nations […]

Breaking Down Film, USA Rugby Eagles Sharpest Attacking Tool: The Lineout

July 13, 2015 Jake Frechette 6

PHILADELPHIA, PA – As the *Pacific Nations Cup (PNC) approaches this week, and the World Cup looming beyond that, it is no secret that the […]