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Rugby Q&A: USA & Leeds Prop Mike MacDonald

November 30, 2011 Johnathan Wicklow Barberie 6

RWU: Mike, thanks for being with us. MM: No problem RWU: We’ve got a mix of questions from a diverse group to go along with […]

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THE WRAPPYS: RWC Player Awards: Best, Worst, Favorite, Style & Coach

October 25, 2011 Johnathan Wicklow Barberie 36

STEWART ISLAND, NZ – With the sod at Eden Park finally getting a well-deserved reprieve from the onslaught of spikes and cleats and pounding rains, […]

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September 15, 2011 Johnathan Wicklow Barberie 3

NEW PLYMOUTH, NZ – Our Sport Guru picks are still unblemished! We’re now 12-0, topped off by our amazingly accurate prediction that the Eagles would […]