Where’s The Rugby Love? Have We Forgotten Nate Ebner?

May 26, 2013 DJ Eberle 3

FOXBORO, MA – Hey, Rugby World… Did you forget your guy??? Well rest easy, at RWU  we have not forgotten about New England Patriots defensive […]

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Where’s The Love?! Have We Forgotten Hayden Smith

May 19, 2013 DJ Eberle 4

NEW YORK, NY – With all of this talk about San Francisco 49ers newly acquired defensive tackle Lawrence Okoye, it’s easy to forget about last […]

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Rugby Stars In NFL Training Camps

July 22, 2012 DJ Eberle 6

FOXBORO, MA – For most teams in the NFL, training camps will be starting up this week. Which means the outcomes for both Rugby Stars […]

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Update On Rugby Players In The NFL

June 4, 2012 DJ Eberle 9

Just prior to the April’s NFL Draft and then again on Draft Day, we focused on two rugby-stars-turned-NFL-wunderkinds: Hayden Smith and Nate Ebner. Smith is […]

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Rugby Star Nate Ebner Ready For Success In NFL

May 13, 2012 DJ Eberle 3

By DJ Eberle, a student/athlete at Western New England University. He is an offensive tackle, built like his dad; a rugby Prop. Track him on […]