MLR Weekly: SD Legion Coach/Director of Rugby Danny Lee, Rees-Zammit Fallout, News, Rumors, Opinion

January 18, 2024 RWU 0

SAN DIEGO, CA – With BIG names all through their lineup, the reigning Western Conference Champs – the San Diego Legion – have had a […]

MLR Weekly, MLR, Major League Rugby, Rugby Wrap Up, San Diego Legion, Ryan Patterson

MLR Weekly: MLR Chairman/S.D. Owner Ryan Patterson, Utah Fixes, RWC Stuff, MLR News, Rumors, Moves

September 14, 2023 Alan Smithee 0

SAN DIEGO, CA – On shores of sunny Southern California, you’ll find sand, surf and the San Diego Legion. You’ll also find their passionate owner […]

MLR Weekly Final Special: N.E. Star Andrew Quattrin. News, Opinion with McCarthy, Ray & Fitzpatrick

July 6, 2023 Matt McCarthy 0

CHICAGO, IL – With the Major League Rugby Championship battle between the star-studded San Diego Legion and no-name New England Free Jacks just hours away, […]

MLR Weekly, Nate Augspurger, San Diego Legion, RUGBY WRAP UP, Major League Rugby

MLR WEEKLY: San Diego Stud Nate Augspurger, Breaking MLR News, Previews, Opinion, Highlights

June 1, 2023 Matt McCarthy 0

SAN DIEGO, CA – As we head into the last three rounds of this tres bien Major League Rugby season, some stand head and shoulders […]

MLR Weekly, Scott Mathie, New England Free Jacks, RUGBY WRAP UP, Major League Rugby

MLR Weekly: Free Jacks Head Coach Scott Mathie, News, Previews, Recap, Opinion, Predictions

May 26, 2023 Matt McCarthy 0

QUINCY, MA – While many eyes are on the top teams slugging it out in Major Leauge Rugby’s Western Conference, a streaking team in the […]

MLR Weekly, Rugby Wrap Up, Blair Cowan, Matt Sherman, Dustin Steedman

MLR Weekly: SD Captain Blair Cowan, Army & Davenport Coaches, MLR News/ Previews. Ray, Fitzpatrick

April 13, 2023 Matt McCarthy 0

NEW YORK, NY – It’s a great time of the year. Spring is springing in the Northern Hemisphere, fall is approaching in the Southern Hemisphere, […]