Americas Rugby Championship Kicking Skills: More Ouch Than Ooooh!

March 30, 2016 Jake Frechette 5

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Even though there were some really entertaining moments, we know that the Americas Rugby Championship in its first year did not see […]

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Pool Play Reflections

October 15, 2015 Jake Frechette 1

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Referees who stop a player from taking a penalty quickly are like my dog refusing to pass a bush without peeing on it. […]

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Close Enough is Not Enough

October 7, 2015 Jake Frechette 0

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The rate of tries at the Rugby World Cup 2015 scored from possessions starting with lineouts is cooling while the rate for try-from-turnover […]

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The Reign of King Lineout

September 29, 2015 Jake Frechette 1

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Not all possession is equal.  Close to 60% of the tries scored so far at the 2015 Rugby World Cup have started with […]