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Every Tuesday, English Star Mathew Drew Turner will be interviewing a fellow star player for RWU.

James Rodwell

LONDON, ENGLAND – This week due to popular demand i have managed to throw some questions at the tall and fiery James Rodwell (my second favourite ginger in the team.

MDT: When did you first join up with England 7’s?
JR: My first tournament was Edinburgh in the 2007/08 season, I didn’t actually get to play so I don’t count that one! I made my debut in Dubai in December 2008.

MDT: Whose your all time best player? 7’s and 15’s?
JR: I think of current 7’s players it would Tomasi Cama, he seems to run the game for New Zealand and in 15’s I used to love watching Lawrence Dallaglio.

Coach Ryan

MDT: Is it true that you only get selected because of your strawberry blonde hair?
JR: Yes, I think it is true. Apparently Ben Ryan has to fulfill a quota of gingers! What do you reckon?
MDT: Because I like you James, I’m going to keep my opinion to myself… and your bigger than me!

Blue Sebagos

MDT: If False what do you bring to the party? (off field)
JR: I undoubtedly bring ENERGY to the team, and I am definitely not the worst dancer! Especially when I have the Blue Sebagos on!!

MDT: We re just a few weeks away from the World Cup, who do you think will be the Final 4 and what are England’s chances?
JR: The final four will be NZ, Australia, England and South Africa. I think that is as far as England will go as I think the southern hemisphere are too strong.

MDT: Which is your favourite leg of the series and why?
JR: Although all the legs have there own special feeling to them (apart from Edinburgh), my favourite tournament has to be Hong Kong. The original 7’s tournament and also singing the national anthem before the final last year was an amazing feeling in front on the incredible crowd!

Rodwell rumbles with legend Ben Gollings.

MDT: As you may have read in the past few interviews, there has been some accusations thrown in your direction. Here’s your chance to “defend” yourself (go wild here). Remember, Norts says your the tightest player in the squad!
JR: I think everybody knows in the squad that Norton has cobwebs on his wallet! That’s if he doesn’t leave it on the aeroplane!
JR: I will also take this opportunity to congratulate Nick Royle and Dan Norton for their awards that they won last season…. Slap Hands of the Year and Trainer of the Year, respectively! I cant agree with you more!

MDT: Out of the 7’s guys, whose next to get engaged?
JR: I know the answer your hoping for but I think the next person will be Tom Powell. Rumour has it that he has asked permission already!!

Jason Statham/Mike Tindall

MDT: What did you think of the England vs Ireland game?
JR: I thought England looked strong and controlled lots of game! Hopefully they will continue to grow in confidence before their first games in NZ.

MDT: Which centers would you start in the World Cup?
JR: I think definitely Tindall and Tuilagi. They looked good together and Manu is growing with confidence in every game he plays.

Black Beard?

MDT: Finally, have you ever called Ben Ryan dad – by mistake?
JR: Again, I know what answer you want me to give but the real answer is no! I think he has been mistaken for me before, though. I saw a kid run up to him asking for his autograph after Dubai last year saying “I thought you had a great tournament!”
MDT: I actually remember that! He didn’t even deny it. He signed it and said thanks, too!

MDT: Mr. Rodwell it’s been a pleasure – as always- chatting with you. Was nice to hear the other side of the story and good luck for your wedding preparations.
JR: No further comment.