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Matt "Polar Bear" Hawkins

Matthew “Polar Bear” Hawkins, despite consecutive Wednesday surgeries, takes the Thursday slot on RWU. This week, he chats up fellow Eagle, Justin Boyd. He is reporting today from Los Angeles, CA.

MH: Hello, Justin. Welcome to RWU.
JB: Hey, Matthew. Good to be here.

MH: Justin to start can you introduce yourself to everyone out there. Who are you? Where do you play your rugby? And for whom?

Justin on the Eagles.

JB:  I’m Justin Boyd, born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Played my college rugby at Texas A&M University. I currently play for the current National 7’s Champs, Belmont Shore. I also play my 15’s rugby here in Dallas for the Frisco Griffins. My passion is currently playing for the USA 7’s National Team.

MH: You have just concluded a very successful summer of Sevens. How does it feel to be back and what did it take to make it so successful?

JB: It feels awesome to be back!! My main goal coming back was to prove I could play again and win a National Championship. I not only did that, but I won a 2nd one two weeks later. I believe the guys I played with, is what made it so successful. Being coached by James Walker and you [Matt Hawkins] allowed us to just have fun. This summer has been my most memorable time playing rugby. Belmont Shoreis like a family and we all played for each other.

Hawkins & Boyd

MH: This past season was your first back after suffering a horendous knee injury about two years ago. How did you feel coming in to the season and how do you think you developed through the season and where are you now heading in to a new season?
JB: Coming into the season I wasn’t my old self. I wasn’t as fast, and I definitely wasn’t as confident as I was before I got hurt. As the season went on, I started to gain more confidence, but I still felt as if I wasn’t there yet. For the first time I am starting to feel like my old self again. Heading into this new season I am feeling better than I ever have before. I’m bigger, faster and stronger. I look forward to a great season ahead and just want to build on last season. Its time to earn my “FRY TIME” nick name back.

Justin Boyd vs Australia (Thanks

MH: You like to have your shirt off at any opportunity, is this because you spend a lot of time in the gym?
JB: I do spend a lot of time in the gym, but that’s not why I have my shirt off. I’m gunning for Body By Bokhoven [Mark]. I’m the new body on the block and I want him to know he’s old news. Since he’s recovering from his injury someone had to fill his shoes. What better person than myself. You have the body You’ve earned. Of course the ladies enjoy it…

MH: Could you explain to the people out there exactly how you got the tag “Hater of the year?”
JB: All I do is hate! Hate..Hate..Hate.. I like to do what you would say, “Keep it 100.” I was voted on by my current USA 7’s team mates as Hater of the year because I am always yelling and they say I’m angry. I just think they are jealous because All I do is WIN!

Click Pic for Vegas 7s (Rugby Magazine Photo)

MH: You currently live Texas, but play for Belmont and SoCal. Why haven’t you moved out here?
JB: Dallas is my home. I am currently exploring options that will allow me to make the move. I will be in SoCal… believe that!! There is no better place.

MH: Last question, for all the single ladies out there, please could you describe your perfect date?
JB: Date?? Ha…..Club Kiss all the way!

MH: Thanks, Justin.
JB: You got it.

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Matt Hawkins is the current Player/Coach of the USA Eagles 7s team. He is affectionately known as "The Polar Bear" because of his light blond hair and eyebrows. Plus, he likes grabbing salmon from Alaskan rivers.