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Junoir Blaber
Looking for 1 reason (goal), not be sad.

BELGIUM – I thought Jurgen Klinsmann was going to be the man; the man to change things. Jurgie was going to with the U.S. Soccer Teaminto shape. That’s why I couldn’t believe when I saw this:

That score meant the USA suffered their 3rd consecutive shutout. No goals in 3 straight games! Yikes!  Meanwhile, the USA Rugby team is electrifying its fans with heroic performances on the big stage – the Rugby World Cup.

Now, all us soccer fans in America didn’t think it would happen overnight. We didn’t think that Klingsmann’s Klansmenn (relax, it’s a joke) would suddenly light the world on fire. However, 3 losses with no goals??? That’s not what we signed up for.

Most sports fans know it takes sometime for a new coach’s plans and style to take shape. Especially at National Soccer level because the team isn’t together often and the matches are often once every few months. But the inability of the USA to show itself to be better than a mid level Euro team, is concerning. Fans could accept a loss if it was 3-2 or 4-2 or even 5-3. That would mean the squad was entertaining and showing an attack. Traditionally, 1-0 scores indicate an inability to score, defend in a tight games, and comeback. We at least had this under Bob Bradley.

Yet, most of us that demanded Jurgie be given the reigns after the World Cup, stand by him – including me. He had great results with the German National Teamand its current success proves that he is as brilliant in the coaching seat as he was as a player in the 6-yard box.


Expect changes over the next few years. When he stepped down as Germany coach there was no player over 30. So those players turning 30 in the next few years can prepared to have their national team call-ups end. At one point, he fielded teams in friendlies with no player over 25 (not counting the goalkeeper). So the U-23 team members should wake up.

Finally a Goal!!!

Back to Belgium: Klinsmann stayed in Europe after the Belgium game, touring clubs with American players – primarily those under 25. Logically speaking,  why the #@$&* else would anyone be in Nottingham, England,  but to check out Robbie Findley .


So hope remains; no need to get the divorce attorney just yet. It does seem, though, that the US has a long way to go before we get to see a happy Klinsmann.

Tomorrow, we’re back to Rugby with a bang! Eagle 7s Captain Matthew Hawkins interviews his teammate, Mark “The Body” Bokhoven.

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