Q&A With A RWC Flyhalf Later; Meanwhile Test Your Team Logo Knoweldge:

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RWU HQ: While we wait for our Q&A with a certain flyhalf (we’ll refer to him as R.S.), Let’s see how much you know about international rugby. Below are a mix of Logos. See if you know where the teams are from and/or what their nicknames are:

A: Nickname & Locaton?
B: Where do I eat surfers?
C: Who am I?
D: Where do I 'Cheet'???
E: My Crusades take me home to???
F: You better know me.

Okay…Take a minute to collect your thoughts… Maybe click on the Emirates link to get yourself a discounted flight… (Shameless plug)

G: Where's my jungle?

Don’t put your answers below because that will ruin it for others. Just be honest and say how many you knew, were unsure of, and didn’t know… And tune in later for our Special Q&A.

P.s… Wouldn’t flying to watch these teams play be great? Hint, hint…  2-Day sale on Emirates… Hint, hint…

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