Monday Morning Flyhalf: Tigers Re-Clawed, Saints Rise, Harlequins Kick Deriere

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Junoir Blaber, Kevin Fegan, JWB (Egg Face)

TOULOUSE, FRANCE – “There must be something in the Heineken.” That’s Johnathan Wicklow Barberie’s rational for both the crazy happenings and his awful picks in this past weekend of The Heineken Cup. Or maybe it was just the Heineken – or amount – that JWB was drinking, because fellow Heineken Cup experts Junoir Blaber and Kevin Fegan fared much better.  For the bettor, they were better. JWB, who fell to 16-7-1 on the season, was left with the proverbial Egg On His Face. Meanwhile, both Blaber’s 8-3-1 improved his record to 15-8-1 and Fegan’s debut had him at 8-3-1, as well. None fared to well with the Pick Of The Week.

So, what were some of the “crazy happenings” to which JWB was referring? How about Toulouse getting knocked off by the Harlequins in Toulouse. That would be like the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Green Bay Packers. Oh, wait… But seriously, that was an epic match played down in France by captain Chris Robshaw and his boys. All of our experts got that one wrong.

Next, there was a William Wallace sighting at Murrayfield – or at least it seemed that way. How else can you explain the Scots rising to the challenge and spanking Cardiff, their Welsh neighbors? And why is it that people from Wales are Welsh and not Walsh? Anyway, Junoir Blaber got that one right somehow.

Robshaw (Thanks, Getty Images)

Speaking of choking Brits, the London Irish shat the bed with real stinker (pun intended) against some Formula One outfit called Racing Metro 92. They lost by 6 points at HOME to a team they beat last week on the roada place more fitting for team named Racing Metro – by TWENTY POINTS. Moreover, they were playing for their playoff lives. Imagine the NY Giants losing at home to Rex Grossman and the Washington Redskins. Fans is Reading, England and Rutherford, NJ are on suicide watch.

Another head-scratcher came courtesy of God’s Assistants, more commonly known as the Saints. Unlike their namesakes in the NFL’s French Quarter, Northampton has been finding every way to lose this year., our cantankerous co-host and “maturing” prop, gave his opinion on the hair-pulling nonsense that saw them lose players to the Sin Bin, suspension and embarrassment.  They’ve done about anything short of scoring for the opponent in an effort to toss matches away. But you can’t keep the Holy down for long. After speaking with Tim Tebow The Chosen One at halftime of their match vs Castres Olympiques – the team that dismantled them last week, 41-22, they turned a 3-0 halftime lead into a 45-0 win. Holy Hell, how does anyone figure this stuff?!

Lastly, the Tiger is roaring again in Leicester – just ask les habitants de Clermont-Ferrand. One week after playing like the Leicester Pussies against a very good Clermont team, Richard Cockerill’s squad clawed their way back into the big picture with a full 80-minute win on the road. The Tigers were excellent in the mauling aspects. (Let that one fester)… Our man Kevin Fegan was the only to pick this right and was heard to say just before kickoff, “They are going to kill these French F*ckers.

Indeed, it was a crazy weekend. But damned good.

That’s all for today, please chime in below, tell some mates about Rugby Wrap Up and tune in tomorrow for our wise-cracking English rugby start, Mathew Drew Turner.




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