Our “Experts” Pick The Six Nations Matches… With Points!

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Junoir Blaber... Kevin Fegan... JWB

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – Our trio of West Ghana’s Rugby Wunderkind Junoir Blaber, Ireland’s quick-witted fly-half (that’s redundant) Kevin Fegan and contrived Kiwi Johnathan Wicklow Barberie pick the Heineken Cup matches, with decidedly different results. Now, they’re picking the Six Nations matches…

Straight from the Holy Grail, here are their picks:

Junoir Blaber’s Rationale:
-France at home will be tough. Though it is a transition year with a new coach and staff and a few debutantes, after losing last year in Italy, they will want some French Revolution style bloody revenge. France by 17
-England are in a big transition year after a horrible RWC. Scotland had a worse finish and let the English knock them out of the RWC in pool play. Add to that there more stability for the Scots in their coach and staff plus it will be Murrayfield , which is like a fortress for the English and I gotta go with the Scots over the Saes. Scotland by 3
-Ireland will be fired up to avenge their RWC QF loss to Wales. Add to that the Irish have been relatively Injury-free while Wales have been injury riddled Wales and this one goes to the Irish by 8.

Kevin Fegan’s Thoughts:
-Despite the fact that the French sometimes get a little “Laissez faire” at this time of year, they should still have enough in the tank to thump an Italian team that can’t play away from home. France by 15
-England will struggle but the sad fact is that Scotland can only beat Italy and not even that is a given. England by 2
-World Cup payback here we come. Typically, Ireland will produce a great performance when it matters least. Ireland by 3

JWB’s Two Bits:
-The Italians are great in the kitchen and lousy on the pitch. The French have un certain je nais sais quoi, but the right ointment should clear it up.  France by 20+
-Scotland will finally win against England in Edinburgh – something they haven’t done since 2000. Free haggis for nobody! Scotland by 4
-I’ve got Irish citizenship, an Irish co-host (Declan Yeats) and a green thumb! Ireland by 6

Feel free to argue your case and why, below.

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