England Star Mathew Turner On Six Nations, HSBC 7s In Asia & Super 15s

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Every week, England 7s star Mathew Drew Turner takes on the role of brazen, if not cheeky, reporter for RWU.

LONDON, ENGLAND – Ni hao, people!  That’s “hello” in Chinese… for those who of you didn’t know what I was going on about. As you can clearly see, I’ve been brushing up on my Chinese for the up-and-coming events in the near future (if fortunate enough to be selected).

Anwway… Another weekend of ruggas is under our belts. Six Nations was once again a weekend featuring a closely fought game and to be honest, some exciting rugby was played. Ireland vs France was a game Dickens would say was A Tale Of Two Halves. And honestly, I thought France were gonna win it in the dying moments, but hard Irish defence kept them out.

Lots of Tries were scored in the Super 15 and this time I’m not going to mention anything about their defence or attack…  haha. I’m still wondering what this white‘ card is all about. Gone are the days when if the referee doesn’t see you do something, it never happened… If you know what I mean. And that’s kind of a shame. Instead of all these new added things, they should focus on bettering the standard – or at least the consistency – of the refs.  NOTE TO OFFICIALS: Please don’t hold this against me.

Now back to some Sevens News. What are your thoughts on the next tournaments? Who are the favorites for the next legs? Also does anyone know what Tokyo is like? I dont know what to expect, this may be sound overly stereotypical and insensitive – I don’t mean it that way –  but do they actually eat dogs there? And if so, do you know a good ‘dog’ place?  (That’s a joke)… But seriously, the only thing I know about the place is that Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift was filmed there, and everyone always has a camera around their necks.

Finally, I’ve decided to give the boys a break this week because they aren’t happy with me. But believe me, next week I’m not holding anything back…. and I’m going to try give the whole video thing a go. So beware…

Till then, you stay classy… And look for my on-camera interview with Johnathan Wicklow Barberie.