England Rugby Star Mathew Turner Reports From Hong Kong

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Every week, England 7s star Mathew Drew Turner takes on the role of brazen, if not cheeky, reporter for RWU.

HONG KONGOh harro, people… Hope all of you have been having a splendid time the last few weeks, sorry I missed out last week’s piece – it was a very hectic week. Anyway,  we’ve been in Hong Kong for nearly a week now and all the boys are over the jet lag and have adapted to everything. We’re all looking forward to playing this coming weekend.

We have played a few games over the past few days; first against Hong Kong on Sunday – which was a boiling hot day – and yes, all of us got sunburnt… even Shnorton [Dan Norton].  But we re all looking all bronzed-up now, so can’t complain haha… We then played Spain today, which would have been Monday where most of you are.

Ryan & Earnshaw

If feels like we have been away for ages already, and we’ve still got another two weeks to go, but when we start playing we’ll soon forget about that and just be all focused on the Sevens – which personally, I’m really looking forward to.

Now for some banter that is going on within the squad:

A bet was taken whether [Head Coach] Ben Ryan could run over 30km/h, and to all of our surprise he ran a 30.2km/h, which isn’t bad for a man that has the running technique of a three-legged dog. No offence to dog’s of that ilk but it just looks awkward!
Russell Earnshaw had one of his Top 5 Sleeps at the pool side.
Sam Edgerly watched The Honey Badger video and hasn’t been the same since. He is also is loving being over here because he is taller than most people here.

Tom Mitchell has created his own dub/step mix of Elton John’s Best hits.
James Rodwell’s future wife has found his secret stash of biscuits at home.
Dan Norton has been renamed by the locals as Danzilla or so he claims.

Anyway, I hope everyone is excited for the fast approaching Hong Kong Sevens. It’s going to be a very interesting weekend of sevens.

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