Trading Places: Andy Robinson & John Kirwan?

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VENICE, ITALY – We imagine our friend John Kirwan is back from Hong Kong, at home in this historic locale lounging an out-door cafe, noshing on olives and sipping Pelligrino while contemplating his next move. Meanwhile, not too far northeast, we  can envision a wet and cold Edinburgh, with Scots bustling in and out of the dreary weather, wishing they were in Venice. And it’s not unfeasible that one of those Scots is current Scotland Head Coach, Andy Robinson.

And that, dear friends, is where we derive our Trading Places scenario.

Kirwan recently tossed his hat in England coaching ring – even on an interim basis – but Stuart Lancaster earned the position with a strong effort in the Six Nations. So, we know J.K. wants to coach again. And well he should. He did a decent job in Italy before being rather unceremoniously dumped and then brought excitement and competitiveness to the Brave Blossoms of Japan, nearly giving all of France a collective heart attack in the Rugby World Cup. So he’s got the experience as a coach and we all know of his tremendous resume as a player. That’s why we say he’s the obvious choice to be the next coach of… Scotland.

"Italy is that way!" (Photo: David Rogers)

As for Robinson, both he and Scotland need a change. It’s just not working, which  was abundantly clear with Scotland’s winning the Wooden Spoon – coming in last and not winning once – in the Six Nations. He’s coached in foul weather his entire coaching career (Bath, England) and maybe, just maybe, some sunshine and the lack of British media would allow him to thrive in… Italy.

There you have it, John Kirwan and Andy Robinson Trading PlacesItaly for Scotland. What do you say?

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