Rugby vs Cricket, Crazy Rugby Playing Americans Try Cricket

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BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – For major sections of the globe, the questions in the local pub concern Rugby vs Cricket. We know. We’ve been to all of them. Yet today,  3 of the top 4 sports on the planet converge in one ground-breaking investigative video: Baseball, Rugby and Cricket. Yet in a way, they’re all related. To that end, we enlisted the help of our American partners over at to go Down Under to investigate.  But aspects of what they found were so much like their national pastime of Baseball – that their baseball expertise actually got them in trouble. Here’s their Rugby vs Cricket story…

Here’s the fun:

So, what do you think of this Rugby vs Cricket thing? Would you rather play rugby, cricket or baseball? Or all of them in one new sport?


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Special thanks to Australian rugby legend Karen Bucholz, who gave The Matts a place to sleep and co-produced the piece with Pete Rizzo and Trevor Herrick. And special thanks to our Cricket Consultant, Nic Denyer, who also plays a bit of rugby in NYC for the New York Rugby Club. Finally, a special tip of the cap to Rick Heilbronn, proprietor of the Premier Cricket Centre.

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