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New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre Paul
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Sunday is traditionally NFL Day in the USA, and because Rugby is Football’s papa, we’ll have Pigskin Punditry here on Sundays with our NFL Updates… After last week’s predictions of the teams that will represent the AFC in January. This week it’s the NFC.

Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick

1. NFC East Champion Philadelphia Eagles (13-3): The Eagles are coming off a season of disappointment from last year. After former backup quarterback Vince Young title last year’s team a “Dream Team” the Eagles were immediately set up for fail. But this season is different and this team is prepared for success. If quarterback Michael Vick can stay healthy the sky is the limit in Philadelphia. It will be tough to overtake the division from the Super Bowl champion New York Giants, but if anyone can do it, it’s this team.

2. NFC West Champion San Francisco 49ers (13-3): The 49ers are lucky because they are in the weakest division in the NFC. The 49ers have one of the best defenses and running backs in the NFL, but what they lack is a good quarterback. Yes Alex Smith was a number one overall draft pick in 2005, but in my opinion he hasn’t performed to that level yet. He needs to have a repeat season if he wants his team to have a great season again.

3. NFC South Champion Atlanta Falcons (12-4): The Atlanta Falcons have their best chance to make their deepest run in the playoffs this millennium. With division rival New Orleans Saints head coachless they have their best opportunity to win the division. This is a good team with a reliable QB, RB, TE, and two WRs on the offensive side of the ball, what more do you  want? What Atlanta needs to do is get it done in the playoffs, something the Falcons are yet to do since Mike Vick left the team.

4. NFC North Champion Chicago Bears (11-5): Most people would have chosen the Green Bay Packers here, but not me. I like the Bears to take the NFC North crown, because one reason, Jay Cutler. I now feel Cutler is one of the toughest QBs in the league. What he did last year with the offensive line he had was incredible. Now he has Brandon Marshall reunited with the Cutler be prepared to watch some magic happen.

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre Paul

5. Green Bay Packers (10-6): The reason the Packers will not win their division this season is because of their defense. The Packers “D” was one of the worst in the NFL last season and that can’t happen again this year. Aaron Rodgers can’t bail you out every game again.

6.  New York Giants (9-7): I feel that the Giants will just slide into the playoffs once again this season. The main reason I see them struggling is because of their tough schedule. It will not be an easy road for the Giants this season, but when you have the defensive line the Giants have anything can happen.

That’s all for now, please share your thoughts below… And if there’s anything you’d like to see us cover, let us know…

DJ Eberle is a student/athlete at Western New England University. He is an offensive tackle, built like his dad; a rugby Prop. Track him on Twitter @Ebstide52

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