RWU Weekly NFL Update

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With the NFL season one week away this week previous the top three things I am looking forward to in the up coming season.

1. How will the Tebowmania Saga end in New York? After last year’s melt down in the Meadowlands the Jets decided to make a questionable free agent addition to their roster by adding quarterback Tim Tebow. Tebow in my opinion and most, is the worst quarterback in the game. But what he can do is win games, which is why the Jets signed him. The problem is he is a back up to an already unstable Mark Sanchez making the organization even more of a mess than it already is.

Colts cheerleaders hoping for a little Luck replacing Peyton

2. Who will have a better statistical season? Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III? Luck and Griffin will always be tied at the hip when it comes to discussing careers, sort of like Ryan Leaf and Peyton Manning. For me it’s easy. I think Griffin will have a better season purely based on the reason that he has a better team. RG3 has more people to throw to and a good defense so he won’t always be playing from behind.

Robert Griffin III

3. Will this finally be the year that the Buffalo Bills make the playoffs? The answer to that question is yes. Buffalo finally made the right off season acquisitions to put them over the hump. Getting back a healthy Fred Jackson, Kyle Williams, and after the additions of Mario Williams, Mark Anderson, and Stephon Gilmore, this team has the pieces to win. By the way, it helps when a team has an extremely easy schedule.

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