Last Minute Heineken Cup Picks By Our Heineken Experts

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Heineken Cup Experts: Junoir Blaber… Kevin Fegan… Pyk O’Kallapfer… JWB

BELFAST, IRELAND– Okay… It’s that special time of year again. Heineken Cup time… And we know you’re just desperate for our Expert Panel to direct you where to lose your money! So our trio  of West Ghana’s Rugby Rain Man Junoir Blaber, Ireland’s quick-witted fly-half (that’s redundant) Kevin Fegan, feisty French #8 Pyk O’Kallapfer and contrived Kiwi Johnathan Wicklow Barberie now pick the Heineken Cup matches.

What qualifies this quartet in terms of picking these matches, you ask? Well, aside from playing quite a bit of rugby, all over the globe, they are experts in Heineken. In fact, they were drinking it when making their selections. It’s up to you to decide which picks are shite. We will hold no grudges.

Here are the Magic Money Picks:

Please feel free to make your own predictions and by all means tell us what is wrong with ours…

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