NFL Picks Plus Update On Rugby Players In NFL

Nate Ebner, rugger... Likes our NFL Picks
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Nate Ebner, rugger… Likes our NFL Picks

Hayden Smith and Nate Ebner Update: For those of you who are wondering what has happened to the former Ruggers, (and coincidentally Smith’s New York Jets face Ebner’s New England Patriots today), here’s an update:

Smith is currently on the Jets practice squad and has the role of duplicating New England tight end Rob Gronkowski. The Australian is yet to touch the field in a NFL game this season, but our fingers are crossed.

Ebner meanwhile, has seen plenty of action this season. Nate is used on multiple special teams units and but was unfortunately on the field during the Seattle Seahawks game-winning drive last week. Seahawks receiver Sidney Rice was able to run past both Ebner and fellow rookie defensive back Tavon Wilson for the game-winner. Our bet is that Ebner won’t let that happen again…

Okay… Now on to my NFL Picks, which I’m looking to go over.500 this week. Currently I have a 9-10 record overall.

Hayden Smith during pre-season.

Baltimore Ravens (5-1) at Houston Texans (5-1): This is a battle of the top two teams in the AFC, both of which are reeling due to major injuries. It’s gut check time for both teams, more the Ravens than the Texans however. Houston has a lot of separation between themselves and the rest of the AFC South, unlike Baltimore and the North. This will be a good one. It’ll be interesting to see how the Ravens due without defensive hero Ray Lewis, luckily they should be getting back former Defensive Player of the Year Terrell Suggs who has been injured.
My Prediction: 21-17 Baltimore 

New York Jets (3-3) at New England Patriots (3-3): All four teams in the AFC East are 3-3. Does that mean they’re all that good or that bad? My guess is that there will be some separation in the weeks to come. I feel that both the Patriots and Buffalo Bills will leave the Jets and Miami Dolphins in the rear view mirror. And it all starts today in Foxboro.
My Prediction: 31-17 New England

Detroit Lions (2-3) at Chicago Bears (4-1): The Bears are the best team that no one talks about. In my opinion they’re the second best team in the NFL. And their defense is down right sexy! Be ready to watch the Bears running on all cylinders Monday night at Soldier Field.
My Prediction: 42-20 Chicago

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