Obama & Romney Talk “Sport” on ESPN

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We saw this on Facebook. It’s from our mates over at MeetTheMatts.com and we thought it was an interesting non-look at politics in the U.S.A. on Election Day. It refers to the Monday Night Football game on ESPN last night. Obama & Romney Talk “Sport” on ESPN:

NEW YORK, NY – Anyone but us survive Hurricane Gruden last night for Saints/Eagles? It was brutal but we managed to come through it. Anyway, Chris Berman interviewed President Obama and Governor Romney.

Obama knew his stuff – or at least was prepped properly – while Romney looked as comfy as Mark Sanchez in the pocket. Mitt uses “sport” instead of “sports” and didn’t know that the Patriots won 3 Super Bowls – not the two he jokingly took credit for – after saying he has lived in Massachusetts for 40 years. (Where was that car elevator being built?)

Sanchez and Tebow: NY Jets Monster quarterback!

Anyway, Berman needs to stop pulling all-nighters. Folks without power and proper shelter for a week look better. Aside from that, he should be put to pasture for failing to even kid Romney about his “sport” vernacular and his omission of the 3rd Lombardi Trophy. Politics aside, these guys are just mailing this stuff in and it’s a tad insulting to those of us that care about this stuff – albeit too much – or have nothing better to do…

Now, stop reading about sports and GO VOTE, so we can end this nonsense… at least until the 2016 campaign starts in April 2013.

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