NFL Picks For Rugby Heads

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49ers QB Colin Kaepernick

BOSTON, MA – After a disappointing 1-2 last weekend, I’m in a bit of a hole… again. Hopefully I can obtain that sacred 3-0 weekend that I am still looking for. Currently I’m 18-20 on the season currently and looking to get back over .500 with a perfect weekend.

San Francisco 49ers (8-2-1) at St. Louis Rams (4-6-1): 49ers and Rams finished in that memorable tie a few weeks ago. Since then, the 49ers have been starting a new quarterback; Colin Kaepernick. 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh decided to officially bench former starter and #1 overall draft pick Alex Smith and start the second year QB. I don’t mind the QB change in general, but why now? The team is winning and Smith hasn’t done anything wrong. We’ll see if this decision back fires or not, I think the latter.
My Pedicition: 24-13 49ers

Arizona Cardinals (4-7) at New York Jets (4-7): I pose this question: Which team is worse? The Cards have lost seven straight and are on their third quarterback this season and the Jets… well they’re the Jets. I mean it doesn’t get much worse than the New York Jets. Even their super-fan Fireman Ed has given up hope on this team. This one will certainly be an interesting watch.
My Prediction: 17-7 Cardinals

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5) at Baltimore Ravens (9-2): This is a big game for both teams. The Steelers need a win to stay ahead of Cincinnati and two games ahead of Buffalo. As far as the Ravens go, they are still fighting New England for a first round bye in the playoffs. It’s going to be hard to win this one without starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who is out with a couple of injuries.
My Prediction: 28-17 Ravens

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