Saints Preserve Us! Ulster Stone Red Hands End Heineken Cup Streak

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RAVENHILL, ULSTER – We’ve got some Irishmen on our RWU Staff and after today’s Heineken Cup matches, they’re wearing black.

The Ulster winning streak is over and Leinster is needed all their Irish Luck to secure a Bonus Point in Dublin as Northampton and ASM Clermont sent the home fans home unhappy.

Ulster fans were further distressed by the unfortunate loss of  Tommy Bowe, who suffered serious knee ligament damage

But back to the games… While the weather wreaked havoc in many of the matches – in Biarritz they were hydroplaning – the weather was not an issue in Ireland.

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But nobody told that to Ulster.

See, the boys in red & white played the game as though the conditions weren’t conducive to handling the egg…  In fact, it was as if their Red Hands were made of stone… or the brick on which the fine mural to the left was painted. Our unofficial knock-on tally for Ulster is 7,312… And that was before their trainers removed the pizza boxes from the mitts.

But tip your hat to the Northampton after getting hammered at home by Ulster, the Saints regrouped and wreaked holy hell on the Ulster attack by keeping things basic. They disrupted any flow by playing well in the scrums and controlling the ball when they had it. The Ulstermen never got into their usual flow and dropped the match…

…like they dropped so many balls.

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