6 Nations Picks & Previews: Expert Panel Show Way To Fortune

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6 Nations Picks & Previews from our Expert Panel

The Penultimate Weekend of the 6N and the panel stands divided with only one match bringing all round consensus. Indecision is rife at RugbyWrapUp and all you gamblers out there should be wary of a hasty decision.  Just to review, the Panel is comprised of West Ghana’s Rugby Rain Man Junoir Blaber, Ireland’s quick-witted fly-half (that’s redundant) Kevin Fegan, the infamous Ireland National, Declan Yeats, feisty French #8 Pyk O’Kallapfer, contrived Kiwi Hoodlum Johnathan Wicklow Barberie and England’s knight of the realm Jamie Loyd. This Six Pack’s picks are as reliable as your favorite six pack of cheap beer; they cost you dearly the next day. [Ba doom cha!] Credentials be damned,  they each pick the winners of each match and a Pick Of The Week, for which they provide the margin of victory. So, without further ado, here are the much ballyhooed 6 Nations Picks & Previews from our dubious Expert Panel…


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SCOTLAND vs WALES :Two households divided in fair Murrayfield where we lay our scene. The panel is split on what should be an intriguing game, an imperfect Wales against a steadily rejuvenating Scotland.
BLABER: WALES: just seem to have a touch more class than Scotland. Plus it makes Wales v England the title decider.
FEGAN:WALES: I think Wales might just be looking past Scotland to the final showdown with England and this scottish team has finally started to click. For shits and giggles I’m picking Scotland.
Pyk: SCOTLAND: The Scots are looking better, they even manage to score tries now!!!
YEATS: WALES: The Red pack dominated Guiseppe & Co, and will carry the momentum vs Wallace & Co
JWB: WALES: will win because of my interview with Warren Gatland.
LOYD: WALES: are on a roll and should be too good for the Scots.

IRELAND vs FRANCE: When, OH WHEN, will all these decisions end!!! Mommy make it stop!!!!!
BLABER: FRANCE are looking better and they have Medard back. I predict a close one, where once again they break Irish Hearts at the end.
FEGAN: IRELAND: Just when you think Ireland are done and dusted and in disarray they come back and surprise you with a great display. I’m not saying that is what’s going to happen this time but despite the fact that Deccie gave me a call early in the week to check my availability, Ireland have enough in the tank to get it done at home.
Pyk: IRELAND: This is going to be a great game. Likely to drive me crazy, with crazy Irish diving in the rucks… France will play for the wooden spoon next week against Scotland.
YEATS: IRELAND: Ireland serves the French a souffle of knocks in an absolute drubbing.
JWB: IRELAND: France will likely win but betting against Ireland in March is tres bete. Go Green!
LOYD: FRANCE: The Irish are in dissarray and even though the Frogs lost to england and are not in form they should take this one.

ENGLAND vs ITALY: Keep Calm the English are here to bring order where once there was chaos and consensus where once there was American ‘democracy’.

BLABER: ENGLAND: This will be a lopsided affair as the most in-form side against a struggling side. The march of the Pom-golians continues unabated.
FEGAN: ENGLAND: This England squad getting beaten at home by the italians? “You must be f#@king Joking!” England have this in the bag. No Fred McMurrays.
Pyk: ENGLAND: Well… the only ones on the path of an English Grand Slam are the Welsh (sigh)
YEATS: ENGLAND: The scoreboard might need a third column in this one
JWB: ENGLAND: England will make Italy wish it were a soccer match.
LOYD: ENGLAND: It will not be a cakewalk, but England should win this game comfortably although expect Italy to scare the Red Rose.

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