NFL To Rugby 7s: How About Tim Tebow?

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NEW YORK, NY  – After analyzing what Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson could bring to Rugby 7s in our NFL To Rugby 7s series  – if he somehow found himself out of football – today we’re looking at New York Jets backup quarterback and starting side-show, Tim Tebow. Yes, the one and only Tim Tebow. Out of anybody we turn to in this segment, Tim Tebow is the most probable player to make to switch. Not that it’s likely, of course.

Can Tim Tebow make the switch?
Can Tebow make the switch?

Tim Tebow (New Position: Scrum-half) In most cases the scrum-half is the first player on the pitch to touch the ball, which you can therefore draw a similarity to the quarterback in football. This is where Tim Tebow comes in. If it weren’t for having to actually throw the ball forward,  Tebow would be a Hall of Fame quarterback.

Timmy T is a great leader and an even better man. A passionate player is something you want on any team and passion is a great characteristic of a good leader. Moreover, Tebow’s decision-making has never been the problem in his, it is simply how poor his arm and throwing motion are. Luckily for the beleaguered Jet, he no longer has to throw forward if he was to make the switch to rugby – and he’s very adept at lateraling – which he did so well in college.

Former NFL Head Coach Jon Gruden said before the Heisman Trophy winner entered the NFL that he has been the strongest quarterback to ever play the game. At 250 pounds and having the strongest quarterback to ever play in the NFL label, makes you think that he could transition well to Rugby 7s.

What do you guys think?

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