NFL To Rugby 7s? Start With Adrian Peterson

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BOSTON, MA – With the NFL season over and the NFL Draft somewhat far off, we thought it might be interesting to start a weekly segment considering NFL stars who would make a great transition into Rugby Sevens. This segment will continue until the NFL Draft in late April. First up is Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian “All Day” Peterson.

AP All Day!
AP All Day!

Adrian Peterson (New Position: Winger) Peterson not only led the NFL in rushing yards with 2,097 and won the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award, but did it all after tearing his ACL towards the end of the 2011-2012 season.  Peterson changed the dynamic between sports and injuries after he came back from his knee injury so quickly and performed at such a high level.

Peterson could easily transition into the wing slot on a rugby sevens team. Since the Wing is suppose to be the fastest player on the field, Peterson could easily fill that void. Not only is Peterson a fast back, but he is also very physical. Coming out of the University of Oklahoma and in to the NFL, Peterson ran a 4.38 sec. 40-yard dash at the NFL Draft Combine. Peterson’s time was 0.14 off of the NFL Combine record.

The wing is known as a finisher in rugby sevens and Adrian Peterson is the definition of finisher in the NFL. With all the juke, spin, and stiff arm moves that Peterson poses he could definitely make a fluid transition into rugby sevens. What do you think RWU fans!

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